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Bring Your Own Bottle

The first Friday of each month, from about 5.00 PM until  7.00 PM, is BYOB time....Bring Your Own Bottle! 

Everyone brings an appetizer for six people, and when the food is placed on the table, there is more than enough for all who attend. 

Bringing a bottle isn't really required.

....and its a great opportunity to chat and catch up.

Familiar faces ?

And on Friday 1st December, the BYOB had its Annual Party night.

The evening was full of fun, music, and as usual, plenty of food!

Music was provided by Dean Richards who made the night memorable with a steady variety of dance music.

The night ended with a beautiful rendition of 'Time to Say Goodbye'. What a voice !!

Everyone joined in to line dancing, ballroom dancing, and Latin and jive dancing .....and it was all great fun!

                 What an evening !!

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