Making Changes To Your Home ?

At times, you may wish to add changes to the exterior of your home, such as installing hurricane shutters, painting your carport, or changing the color of your patio.  Prior to any changes, every resident must complete, and submit an ARC form (Architectural Review Committee) which we have set out below, at least 2 weeks prior to commencement of the project.  Please refer to the ARC Requirements, at the foot of this page, for information as to what must be included in your packet.

Why are we required to complete ARC forms?  To ensure that any changes to the exterior of our homes conform to the standards set by the Declarations, and also to ensure that no exterior modifications will be approved that will negatively impact the appearance of the community.


When your packet contains the above information, please submit 4 copies to Daniel Kiminyo


Once reviewed by Daniel, it will be given to the Architectural Review Board (POA) for their review. Finally, the POA notifies residents as to whether their project has been approved.

Each individual project requires a separate ARC form.





     Please note: you can print this form, but please obtain the full package from Daniel Kiminyo.

To print we suggest you right click on this form, select 'view image', click on the printer symbol, at the top, increase the scale to 125% and select Print. The printed page should be a full sheet.