Making Changes To Your Home ?

At times, you may wish to add changes to the exterior of your home, such as installing hurricane shutters, attaching a new gutter, changing your front door or replacing your windows.  Prior to any changes, every resident must complete, and submit an ARB form (Architectural Review Board) which we have set out below, at least 2 weeks prior to commencement of the project.  Please refer to the list below that sets out what must be included in your packet.

Why are we required to complete ARB forms?  To ensure that any changes to the exterior of our homes conform to the standards set by the Declarations, and also to ensure that no exterior modifications will negatively impact the appearance of the community.

When we refer to ARC, this is the Architectural Review Committee which is a committee of our own Landings Board. When we refer to ARB, this is the Architectural Review Board which is controlled by the main Board of the Property Owners Association (POA) for both the Aberdeen East and Aberdeen West communities.


You will notice as you read further, that sometimes your application will only need to go to our own ARC, but other times, depending on the nature of the work, it will need to be referred also to the ARB. Your application will always start by being submitted to Daniel Kiminyo who will deal with your application in the first instance.

When your packet contains the information set out in the list below, please submit 4 copies to the Board.


Once reviewed by the Board, if it falls under the control of the Architectural Review Board (POA) it will be passed to the POA for their review. Finally, the POA notifies residents as to whether their project has been approved.  Each individual project requires a separate ARB form.




The Architectural Review Board meets the first Thursday of each month to review applications.  All applications must be submitted with four collated copies or the application package will be returned to the homeowner.

The following procedure is to be followed:

1.  Be sure the following materials are included with your request: 

    a. 4 copies of proposed architectural improvement/replacement application

    b. 4 copies of your property survey marking dimensions and location of your improvement

    c. 4 copies of contractors Certificates of Insurance for Liability and Workers’ Compensation Coverage

    d. 4 copies of contractors Occupation License

    e. 4 copies of the signed contract   

    f.  Neighbor’s signatures (each side) – If the neighbor is unavailable, so state with explanation (i.e., snowbird, away. 

        If the neighbor refuses - enter “refused”.


2.  Submit your request to your village’s Architectural Review Committee for Approval


3.  If required by the guidelines, your Village Architectural Review Committee (ARC) will forward your request to the Architectural Review Board (ARB) of the Aberdeen Property Owners Association for approval. The request, with recommendations of the ARC, should be placed in the POA mailbox located in the front of the East Clubhouse.


4.  After processing, the four copies are forwarded to the POA Property Management Company for distribution:


    a. A copy is retained in the POA files

    b. A copy is forwarded to the Village Property Manager for the village files

    c. A copy to the Village ARC

    d. A copy to the Property Owner


If approved, the following conditions are part of the ARB approval


1.    If the architectural modification is not completed as approved, the approval will be revoked and the modification must be removed by the owner at the owner’s expense.


2.    The unit owner is responsible to pay for the repair of any and all damage done to the common areas as a result of the work related to the architectural modification.


3.    The architectural modification will comply with the State, County or City Building Codes and all necessary applications and permits will be obtained by the owner. Notice of Acceptance from Palm Beach County and Miami Dade County.


4.    If application is denied by the POA ARB Committee, the owner can appeal to the Aberdeen POA Advisory Board.


5.    If the modification is not approved and the unit owner proceeds with the work, the unit owner may be subject to court action by the Association and shall be responsible for all reasonable attorneys’ fees.




1.  Every Aberdeen resident who desires to modify or refurbish the exterior of his unit and/or the grounds immediately surrounding the unit must complete an ARB Request on the appropriate form supplied to each Homeowners Association by the POA Property Manager, Campbell Property Management. (561)432-2703.


2.  The ARB Request is submitted to and reviewed by each respective Homeowners Association, Architectural Review Committee designated by the President of the Homeowners Association Board of Directors. Certain ARB requests, listed below, can be approved solely by the ARC. All others are forwarded to the POA Architectural Review Board for final determination, regardless of the action taken by the local ARC. ARB Requests that fall under the jurisdiction of the local ARC’s include:


      a. Landscaping of individual residential units and community common areas

      b. Residential unit house numbers

      c. Mailboxes

      d. Residential unit outer doors, storm/screen doors, front door and screened entrance enclosures

      e. Placement of satellite dishes not to exceed one meter in diameter including screening landscaping treatment

      f. Color of paint for residential units, outbuildings, recreational facilities and trash can enclosures

      g. Driveway surfacing treatments

      h. Addition of gutters and leaders


3.  The POA-ARB meets once a month following the POA Board Meeting on the first Thursday of each month, except July and August.  Special ARB requests may be reviewed as received, depending on the nature and urgency of the request. The POA-ARB may approve, disapprove or return the ARB Request to the local ARC for further consideration, additional information or clarification. The Applicant and the concerned Homeowner’s Association are formally notified of the results of the POA- ARB reviewed by Campbell Property Management.


4.  In almost all instances, the POA-ARB will accept the decision of the local ARC.  In rare cases, after a thorough investigation, the POA-ARB may override the ARC decision due to extraordinary circumstances as determined by the POA –ARB. Homeowners may appeal the decision of the POA-ARB by contacting the President of the POA and requesting an appearance before the POA Advisory Board to present their arguments. The decision of the POA Advisory Board is final.


5.  In reviewing the ARB requests, the POA-ARB will be looking for the following required information:


     a. The name of the applicant’s community.

     b. Signature of applicant submitting the request.

     c. Action and sign off by local ARC.

     d. Acknowledgement of neighbors residing on each side of the applicant.

     e. A site plan of the applicant’s property indicating the residence, lot lines and outlining the area of work.  Some older           East residents may not have Developers supplied site plan. They should furnish a sketch showing the required                   information.

     f. A complete description and sketch clearly indicating the work to be done

     g. Data showing the product meets or exceeds Miami Dade and Palm Beach County Code Requirements. Also known           as Notice of Acceptance (NOA), this applies to hurricane related modifications, i.e., hurricane shutters, hurricane               windows and glass enclosures.

     h. Outside Contractors license and Certificates of Insurance. Homeowners who elect to obtain ARB request approval             before selecting a Contractor should check for Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage before

         permitting work to begin.

      i.  Permanent generator installation- refer to item number ten (10).

      j. Copy of Contract- Project pricing is not required.


6.  The Homeowner is responsible for obtaining all the necessary permits, approvals and compliance with all applicable codes, rules and regulations.


7.  Requests for installation of solar panels for supplementary heating will be automatically approved since they are considered energy conservation devices.  Also, requests for a satellite dish will be automatically approved as directed by current Government regulations.


8.  ARB Requests for hurricane shutters of either the accordion type or removable panel type will be approved. The color of the accordion type hurricane shutters should closely match the color of the exterior wall on which they are mounted.  Accordion type shutters may be closed and panel type shutters installed when a Hurricane Watch is announced by the National Weather Service. Accordion type shutters must be opened and panel type shutters must be removed within five (5) days or the following weekend, whichever is longer after passage of a hurricane or hurricane watch. The POA will permit permanent window treatments in areas of limited accessibility of a polycarbonate material that is clear and flat (not corrugated) that meets Miami-Dade hurricane shutters standards and is contoured to fit the window. (Also known as Lexan shutters).


9.  All Aberdeen homeowners who desire to install a new or replace an existing screen enclosure must submit an ARB request form to the ARC. The ARC will approve or disapprove then forward it to the POA Architectural Review Board. The request must include drawings and specifications which meet the requirements of the Palm Beach County Building Department. County requirements are intended to produce a hurricane resistant structure. A Palm Beach County Building Permit is necessary for this project. Final inspection by an Inspector of the County Building Department is an assurance that construction complies with the engineer design and specification.


10.  Permanent Generator Installation- Aberdeen homeowners who desire to install a permanent emergency electrical power generator must submit a request for approval to the POA Architectural Review Board (ARB). The submittal must include a survey which must have flood zone information on it. The installation drawings shall also show locations of all windows and doors near the generator exhaust. The generator exhaust shall be at least 10 feet (10) away from operable windows and doors, including those in neighboring houses, but excluding garage windows and doors. The generator exhaust may not discharge on to adjacent property.  The generator must use propane fuel (not gasoline), be completely enclosed in a weather resistant housing, mounted outdoors on a concrete slab and securely fastened to resist hurricane force winds.  The enclosure must be located so that it will result in minimum disturbance to adjacent neighbors and must be screened by appropriate shrubbery so that the enclosure is not visible from the street or adjacent neighbor’s residences. The propane storage tank must be located outdoors, buried and include provision for periodic monitoring to insure against leakage that could possibly contaminate the surrounding soil and groundwater which at Aberdeen is close to the surface.  Also, the buried tank must be securely anchored to prevent it from “popping” out of the ground in the event of a prolonged rainfall which may temporarily raise the groundwater level. The permanent generator installation must comply with all applicable requirements of the Palm Beach County Guidelines and Florida Building Code. 

The homeowner is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and inspections required by the County.  The generator, fuel tank installation and electrical interconnections must be completed by an insured and licensed contractor.  Noise produced by the generator must not exceed current Palm Beach County and State of Florida requirements.


11.  Any exterior add–on appurtenance, which in the opinion of the POA-ARB has potential of becoming a missile in the event of a hurricane, will not be approved.



POA Architectural Review Board


(Right click on the application below and email it to yourself.  Print it up.  Fill it out and follow instructions above.)