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The Men's Club

On December 13th, the Toys for Tots event was held by the Marines, who sponsor this event every year.  The evening was very enjoyable, and featured the Park Vista Jazz Band, and  their very talented choir.

Owing to the generosity of

our communities, numerous

toys were donated, and

everyone had a wonderful

evening with songs and music.

The Men's Club periodically invites speakers, and organizes fundraisers, cruises, and breakfasts.

If you’d like to join, or learn more, contact information is attached to the front page of this section.

They were so talented ! Their music so exciting !

...and their voices were beautiful!

Time for Breakfast and a Song ..... and what a fabulous voice he had !!

At the January meeting of the Men's club breakfast, they served bagels and salmon, but  they were eclipsed by the outstanding voice of the singer, who sang famous hits from Broadway shows.

Our singing guest mixed song with little stories of the background to many of the songs...the writers and the shows.

This was one many events of that took place in our ballroom.

Thank you to all our residents who make these shows possible.

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