Meeting of The Landings Board

                                                          October 13th 2020


We are having a Board Meeting on 13th of this month (next Tuesday) which will be open to you all.

The meeting will be in the Ballroom starting at 7.00pm.

The meeting will be set up for Social Distancing and Masks MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES.

Please also not that food and drink cannot be brought into the Ballroom for consumption while in the room.

Chairs and tables will be arranged accordingly, to ensure requisite spacing, and special facilities will be made for those wishing to speak to the Board.


We are trying hard not to put anybody at risk, particularly as this is an indoor event, so please cooperate and follow these requirements for everybody's sake.


Our Newsflash

It's been such a long time since this Newsflash was updated. No excuse, unless this reason is just an 'excuse'. We are very busy on the Board, and as Secretary I have focused on the E-mail 'bulletin' I send around to get information out, while this pesky virus is floating around, rather than on this Newsflash. It would be good to be able to do both, but maybe one day I'll be retired, and will have time to get these other things done.

This website has two main functions:- to keep our own friends and neighbors aware of what is going on, but also to provide to potential buyers an indication of what a great place Aberdeen East is to live, and especially that The Landings is the best of all !!!

We have lots of material to incorporate into this website, and I am pleased to say that I have been approached with an offer of help.


One thing going through my mind is the creation of a BLOG ('blog' comes from the word 'weblog' and the word 'weblog' comes from the two words 'web' and 'log'). In this, we can say more about what is going on, and hopefully inspire comments and discussions....we send out comments, ask questions, and push out our news items, and you give your comments; and we offer answers to your comments and questions. You can chip in on other people's comments and also on our responses. This way we can become a truly interactive community.

Just a thought for the not-to-distant future !

Richard Hamer. Secretary