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Why this Policy ?

This policy is a response to inquiries and requests to the ARC to replace a front door with a design that is more decorative and  can incorporate some glazing.

Meeting the Code.

A new door can open either outwards or inwards as is the existing arrangement. However, in order to meet the Code, the construction of an inward opening door must qualify for a Notice of Approval certificate from the City.


1) An ARC shall be submitted to replace the front door. The design shall be selected from any of the patterns shown below.

2) The home-owner can select glazing patterns of his/her choice which can include a colored leaded design. The selected pattern must be a part of the ARC application.

3) The door frame and the solid part of the door construction must be painted the color of the existing doors, in accordance with the appropriate Landings policy, no other color will be permitted.

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