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What happened to our Yoga ?

Several Residents asked whatever happened to the Yoga class that we thought was coming to Aberdeen East. We had heard that it came and it went. So what happened ?

The problem was that we could not find a time slot of one and half hours in the ballroom that would allow a class to take place. We had already talked to a very popular Yoga instructor who gave lessons at the JCC around the corner. We were very lucky to attract the interest of Marcia Robinowitz who is admired by all her students and who brings an air of magical serenity to her Yoga classes! We felt she would be perfect as she ran an ever popular 'Gentle Yoga' class so close by. She came to meet us at the Ballroom and she was so excited at the prospect of teaching at what she thought was a most attractive community. From Boca, she was amazed at how lovely our neighborhood was, compared with the crowded sub-divisions down in the south...." you have so much parkland", she said ....."and so much space... it's so beautiful" !

We talked and felt we could 'squeeze' in a class in what was a crowded timetable in the ballroom calendar. Marcia gave us a photo-shoot across at the car park, for our publicity needs...and all was ready...the date was fixed, the cost was fixed and we looked forward to the day of our first Yoga class.

It was a lovely class, and all who came - seventeen in all - really enjoyed it. It was unfortunate, however, that the chairs and tables had to be set up by Scot of the Management Company, for an event the following day, and because of the arrangement with the Management Company, that work had to start at 2.30pm. This left so little time for the practice to come to its natural end. Yoga needs a quiet finish time, but that just wasn't available and it had to come to a rushed finish, even though Scot was able to give us an extra fifteen minutes, that made him late for an urgent appointment.

We tried to work things out and find an alternative, but it just was not possible, and when the Ballroom finally became available for the summer months, Marcia's calendar became too full.

So that was the end of our short-lived Yoga class. We are looking to try again at sometime before too long, but it does seem too difficult at the present time. Our hope is that one day we will persuade Marcia to return, if only we can make it work !

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