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We are an active community and have a wide variety of clubs and activities. 

Please join one of our many activities listed below by calling one of the contacts listed below.


We also have fitness activities, such as Aerobics, Tai Chi, Water Aerobics, Tennis, Pickleball, Shuffleboard, three swimming pools, a hot tub, and a gym.


For theater enthusiasts, a variety of shows are scheduled each year in the ballroom, as well as trips and cruises  for all to join.  


The monthly 'Aberdeen East News', is emailed to each resident. 

Printed copies can be found in the Newsletter mailbox at the pool,

at the Club House, or you can read the latest edition on this website.


We need new pictures!  Please send updated pictures of any event or gathering

you attend, even if it not a formal activity. 

August 2021 -

Social Travel Club's 

Tiki Bar 

A number of our neighbors play Pickleball, which is a fascinating game that has become wildly popular throughout the USA.  These pictures were taken in August 2017 showing some participants relaxing after the game.

On the first Friday of each month, at five in the evening, we have a gathering called BYOB - Bring your Own Bottle and an appetizer.  Once the party begins there is always an abundance of good food and good friends.  Everyone in attendance has an enjoyable time seeing old acquaintances and meeting new ones.

GET INVOLVED!                           







Cleaning up after

Pickleball and BYOB.

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