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Be aware of this little light !

If you have driven west along Woolbright and come to the junction with Jog Road, you will have seen the 'No Turn on Red' sign. If you have ever been tempted to make the turn on red, or been pressured by the impatient driver behind you to make the turn.....DON'T !

Look carefully and you will see a little light (almost insignificant) hanging from beneath the cluster of signals closest to where you are. That light has a special purpose.

When the traffic signal turns red prohibiting a right turn on red (turning right into Jog Road) the little light illuminates white. This is to signal to any deputies, waiting at any part of the junction, that the light in Woolbright has turned to red. Any cars making that right turn into Jog (heading northwards) when this is illuminated will be turning on a red light and potentially attracting a citation .... and hefty fine !!

So the tip of the Month is - if you are tempted to turn right on a red light at the junction of Woolbright and Jog Road - against the instruction of the road sign - Don't !!

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