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The Social / Travel Club

There isn’t a better way to meet and socialize with your neighbors than to participate in the Social/Travel Club.

Hi all.

Just a reminder if you were interested in joining the Social Travel Club.

We are a 12 month club and try to have an activity each month.

Due to current  pandemic conditions, we are scheduling only outdoor events at this time.

Some of these events are capacity constrained and may only be open to members and we would hate for you to miss out.

Upcoming events include mini-golf for March, drift fishing for April, and a Cinco de Mayo party on Friday the 13th of May.

We always welcome suggestions for new events.

If you are interested in joining, place a check for $15 annual dues along with your email and phone number in the Social Travel Club mailbox in the card room of the clubhouse.

Social Travel Club Board

Scavenger Hunt in

West Palm Beach

Yearly membership dues are $15.  Place your check in the small card room mailbox. 


For additional information, contact the club directly.

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