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It will be easy to remain active and meet people with shared interests by participating in any one of the numerous activities offered at the Clubhouse.

The MAIN POOL  is located behind the Clubhouse.  It's beautiful setting is complimented by palm trees, cabanas, a hot tub, and a picnic area.

The pool pictured to your right is located at the entrance of The Landings. It is one of two pools that are situated closer to the homes in the six villages of Aberdeen East.

All three pools have heaters for our winter days, and chillers to cool the pools in the intense heat of the summer.


Where, but in Aberdeen East, can such a beautiful area be found. This is the 'park walk', running alongside La Chalet, and leading to our clubhouse, and which lends its name to some of our homes' addresses. It is this quality that helps to make our community so very special.

ROSEATE SPOONBILL                                                       THE BEAUTY OF OUR LAKES

Photo by Steven Blandin

We often see the treats of nature, like the Pink Spoonbill. We can also see Ospreys, Pelicans, alligators, ducks, bunnies, Wood Storks, Blue Heron, Iguanas of all sizes and colors, and more birds, too numerous to list. 

Look out any window.  Walk through any community and see the wonders of nature we live with.

Beautiful sunset looking eastwards, while the sun was setting in the west.

Blue Heron nest with newborns....

Baby Crow

Wood Stork

Mama heron teaching babies to fly.

Heron baby takes flight

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