The photos on this page represent the many reasons living in The Landings and  Aberdeen East is so enjoyablen. More examples appear throughout this website. We welcome any contributions from our residents, simply showing things we do and things we see.


A number of our neighbors play Pickleball, which is a fascinating game that has become wildly popular throughout the USA.

These pictures were taken in August 2017 showing some participants, and the activities that followed.

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It doesn't matter which village of Aberdeen East we live in, because we can always find a reason to get together and have fun.
Age is never a barrier, we have players in their 60's, 70's and 80's who love playing the game. Pickleball is  a great way to have fun, while exercising.




On the first Friday of each month, at five in the afternoon, we have a gathering called BYOB - Bring Your Own Bottle and an appetizer. Once the party begins there is always an abundance of good food and good friends. Everyone in attendance has an enjoyable time seeing old acquaintances, and meeting new ones.



Our main pool, located behind the clubhouse, has a beautiful setting, complimented by palm trees, cabanas, a hot tub, and an area dedicated for picnics.


This photo is a familiar sight, and a reminder that the strength of a hurricane is powerful. In Aberdeen East, we were fortunate to have electrical power throughout the storm, despite numerous flickering of our lights, and the constant rebooting of electronic equipment.

A great concern was the numerous threats of tornadoes, but with the exception of one touching down on the Aberdeen Golf course, we found ourselves luckier than most.


Numerous activities, events, and clubs are available for resident's use.

It is easy to remain active and meet people with shared interests by participating in any one of the numerous activities offered at the Clubhouse.


The pool pictured to your left is located at the entrance of The Landings. It is one of two pools that are situated closer to the homes in the six villages of Aberdeen East.

All three pools have heaters for our winter days, and chillers to cool the pools in the intense heat of the summer.

Where, but in Aberdeen East, can such a beautiful area be found. This is the 'park walk', running alongside La Chalet, and leading to our clubhouse, and which lends its name to some of our homes' addresses. It is this quality that helps to make our community so very special.

Our Landings 'Meet and Greet' in a January afternoon.

We had an opportunity to say 'hello' to our new residents in The Landings, and an opportunity to talk, and share a dish brought by each of us.

Finding new friends.

There are so many opportunities to meet friends and neighbors, to exercise and keep fit, or sit back and relax. 

This is the time of year when we see the treats of nature. There are so many natural wonders....the sights and the sounds. We see the Ospreys and Pelicans going fishing; the little ducks playing around and so many more. But this year we have been treated to the sights of these four Spoonbills, as in this instance, they decided to move on past the lake at the front of the Landings. On the right we have an image taken by wildlife photographer Steven Blandin...perhaps the most pretty of all our local birds. And we have our own four, spending each day out here in the Landings !

The Beauty of our Lakes !

Looking across La Chalet, in the direction of the clubhouse, this may not seem an unusual site as the sun is setting. But what made this sight rather unusual is that it was taken one evening looking eastwards, while the sun was busy setting in the west. We have beautiful sunsets here in Aberdeen since we get uninterrupted long distance views of the cloud formations. But this is a huge cloud somewhere over the ocean in the east, illuminated by the sun as it started to end the day over in the west.

We see many glorious cloud formations in the evenings but we thought this was a little special !


Whether its clearing up after a BYOB or preparing the court for another game of Pickleball, the more we get involved to make things right, the more our community retains its position as being one of the best in the area, and the envy of many.