Our Music Man

We are very lucky in The Landings, that we have so many friends and neighbors who have stories to tell and experiences to share. This story is certainly no exception, but this is a story that is going to be different to how we intended. We are going to tell this story over several months.

We had heard that amongst us is a neighbor who plays a trombone. Well, that in itself is a good start to a story. But it extends much further than that. Sol Eskenazi is a gentleman who plays in several different bands, several times each week. What is special about Sol is that by the time this introduction to our story is published, he will have reached his 96th Birthday. Yes at the age of 96 Sol has better lungs than the rest of us.

So we went to chat with Sol and to find out a little more about this remarkable man. But during our time, it became clear that Sol wasn't really as happy as it first seemed. With a tear in his eyes he explained how he misses, so much, his wife who passed away with a sudden illness, in October of 2013. As he told us more about Norma, it became clear that his wife was a truly remarkable lady who was a nationally accomplished artist, whose work extends to multiple countries around the world.

During the coming months we will expand the story of Sol and Norma, but in the meantime we are copying below a page from 'Norma's book', which is a poem written by the Sol's family and expresses the feelings they have for their mother and wife.

couple A.jpg

At this point in our introduction, we invite you to look at a website Sol and his children have put together to share with all, some of the works that have been published in a beautiful book that covers her work. Many of the works have been recovered (borrowed) from buyers from many parts of the world to show a composite of her work. This website shares some of the works of Norma.



You can follow the story of Sol and Norma here over the following months.