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Resolving a problem of Heavy Rain

This is a simple trick that is being used in The Landings. In a heavy rainstorm we sometimes have difficulty getting water away from the house foundation, particularly around the Florida Room / Lanai on the back of the home. The popular solution is to extend the bottom of the fall pipe with a section of gutter across the grass. This pushes the water away from the house, but can be a problem for the lawn maintenance contractor.....and its always in place even when the weather is dry. It can look unsightly, if it is not properly maintained.

A solution involves using the existing fall-pipe that drops down from the gutter, and adding two bends that are available at Home Depot or Lowe's, and are very cheap. A small opening is made at the bottom (see below). When there is a heavy rainfall, the water builds up inside the fall-pipe and creates a pressure (a head of water). This forces the water out of the small opening and the water is squirted away from the house...just like a hose pipe. The heavier the rainfall, the further is squirts the water away.

How its done is simple but involves sealing the joints (a tube of silicone from Home Depot) from the gutter down to the opening at the bottom. The opening needs to be converted into a spout to provide a small opening such as with a 3/4 inch length of PVC piping (also from Home Depot that sells short lengths). See below :-

The spout is made by compressing the end of a bend section using a duct connector (Home Depot) and filling the gaps with a sealant. It is advisable to put a leaf guard at the top of the fall-pipe where it meets the gutter. This is because leaves will otherwise collect at the inside of the spout and cause a build-up of pressure and push the end off.

The end result can be very satisfying as the water is squirted away. A heavy rainfall can result in the water being sent 10 to 15 feet away from the house - well away from the foundations. A small shower will only result in a harmless 'dribble' that will be quickly absorbed by the ground.

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